Hello, I'm Matt !
freelance web developer,
building tailor-made applications to simplify everyday life.

I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada and
I'm a freelance web developer, mainly oriented in backend development.

I have 10 years experience as project manager, dealing with processes and business practices.
Inside the companies I worked for, I build multiple web based applications to simplify processes and communications within the company and with our clients.

It was so appealing to me, that's I decided to launch my own service. Combining 2 passions: development and problem solving, to build tailor-made solutions that will ease my customers' work.


After deep analysis of your needs, I will build the application that will save you time, frustration and money.

My clients generally use the following services

Web Platform
Access your app from everywhere in the world
Replace your complex Excel with a dedicated management app.
No more errors, no more wasted hours searching for a formula error
Dashboard customization to oversee your operations
Direct Integration with your preferred Google Apps
Generate your invoice, packing list, monthly reports, ... into a PDF file
Automate the work with direct communication with API
Responsive Applications for Smartphone/Tablets use
Dedicated Chart to get a better overview of your results
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Build a solution to manage entirely the garage / Desktop and Mobile

Ajax CSS Jquery Bootsrap XML HTML JSON PHP MySQL CSV HTML2PDF Google API Swift Mailer
  • Accounting : Full comptability, Reports, Balance, Assets, VAT
  • Bank: Upload Statement, Payment Synchronisation with open invoices
  • Working Cases: Book Apppointment, record multiple cases, take picutres and send them by email, rent car to client
  • Invoice : Create Invoice, PDF, Send to Client/Insurance
  • Purchase : Place PO, Email it to Supplier,
  • Employees: Manage, Create Salary sheet (PDF), send Salary by email, Record working Time, Time Report
  • Other: Manage all contacts, Documents Management, Cash Register,

Application to manage their client's bookings and oversee the operation

Ajax Jquery Bootsrap JSON PHP MySQL HTML2PDF D3.js Swift Mailer
  • Reservation : Manage Client's bookings
  • Daily : Record all tasks done during the day (reservations handled, working hours, expenses) and build PDF report with a dashboard
  • Employees: Record working hours, build salary sheets
  • Reports: Revenue , booking reports, employees hours ; (period = daily/monthly/yearly)
  • Charts: Revenue reports by day, month, year, charts
  • Users: Manage users and give them the corresponding access

App for smartphone under Android and iOS

Phonegap Ajax Jquery Bootsrap JSON PHP MySQL Swift Mailer
  • Booking: Allow clients to make bookings and manage them
  • Google Map Integration
  • Create/Update client profile within the app

Web Site for the Reliance training center

Wordpress Woocommerce Jquery Bootsrap MySQL
  • Woocommerce: Management of the stores of the client
  • Plugin: Plugin creation under Wordpress based on the needs of the client

Web application allowing to manage the activities' registration

Ajax Jquery Bootsrap JSON PHP MySQL HTML2PDF D3.js Swift Mailer
  • Registration: Management of the clients' registration
  • Communication with Woocommerce API to manager orders
  • Send automatically personalized documents to the client when they are registrating
DFC Sports

Application to manage their courses, products, and their client's subscriptions

Ajax Jquery Bootsrap XML HTML2PDF JSON PHP MySQL Paypal API
  • Clients: Manage their subscriptions, verify payment status
  • Payment : Client can access their profile and make payment via paypal
  • Products : Manage products, with stocks and selling
  • Invoice : Create Invoices (PDF), check pending invoice
Scorpio Consulting

Web site for scorpio-consulting